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Meet Your Specialist

Mary Ma

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Mary Lei Ma is a registered acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner. After receiving her diploma in 2016 from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ontario, she went on to further her studies in acupuncture and TCM at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HUTCM), a prestigious traditional Chinese medicine school in China. She obtained her degree in 2018 at HUTCM.

Mary has practiced acupuncture and TCM both domestically and internationally, having clients located in both Canada and China. Using acupuncture, she has treated numerous clients with injury rehabilitation, pain relief (including menstruation pains), stress-management, insomnia, and issues with indigestion.

Her specialties also include achieving weight loss or weight maintenance and medicinal herbal tea bags.It has become increasingly popular to address weight concerns using strict exercise regimens and harsh diet plans, however often these methods are difficult to maintain, incompatible with our busy lives, and – when done improperly – can cause reverse long-term harm on the body and general well-being. While traditional Chinese herbal medicines require time-consuming preparation and can also be unpleasant to drink, Mary’s herbal tea bags serve as a more efficient and tastier alternative while maintaining the same health benefits. Simply brew as you would a cup of tea.

Mary tailors her treatments according to your unique health requirements, and hopes to promote a well-balanced, comfortable life using TCM.


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