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Introduction to Chinese Medicine
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Chinese Medicine

Practiced for more than 1000 years in China and other parts of East Asia, Chinese medicine has been a mystery and enigma to many outside of China. Today, we bring the secrets of herbal medicine and acupuncture right here to you, in Canada.

Traditional Chinese medicine takes many forms: acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping, tui na, massage, dietary therapy, and exercises such as qi gong and tai chi.

It has developed its own unique, holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment and has been proven effective to treat a wide array of different maladies.

The aim of Chinese medicine is to achieve body balance and boost the body’s immune system – at the core, it believes that the key to long health is proactivity. It views the body as a whole and all systems as inter-related, with each organ doing its role to achieve balance and harmony. With a strong and responsive immune system comes a solid defense, and decreases our risk of both short-term and chronic illness.


Acupuncture consists of using very thin and fine needles inserted into the body in order to treat pain. It has been widely considered to be one of safest and least adverse-effective methods to treat many maladies and has become increasingly popular in recent decades for weight loss as well as injury therapy.



Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced for over 5,000 years. The prescription consists of natural substances– there are no artificial chemicals added. The herbs include a varied apothecary of both wild and farmed flowers, leaves, stalk, seeds, barks and roots. Trained professionals will then work to understand your specific condition in order to develop a specific, individualized combination of herbs, unique to your needs.



Cupping is a traditional Chinese therapy dating back to the 11th century. The practice involves suctioning cups on the skin and is commonly used to treat physical pain and muscle tension, as well as promote detoxification and immunity. It is common to combine cupping with acupuncture in many treatments.



Herbal Tea Formula

Chinese medicine preparation traditionally involved a time-consuming brewing process. Most prescriptions tasted very bitter and were unpleasant to consume, discouraging many from drinking it.


We recognize this, and luckily, our Herbal Tea Formula was developed to address this concern. Similar to the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, our Herbal Tea Formula mostly consists of herbs and there are no artificial chemicals or flavors added. Our Herbal Teas use an expert blend of herbs, packed in standard tea bags, and are specially created for you by our practitioner. You prepare it the same way you’d prepare a cup of tea – easy, convenient, healthy, and tastes great.


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